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Our company realizes a personal and successful welcome for all Your customers.
We shall assist your customers in an extremely professional way from their arrival to their departure, having them enjoy also some short tours around our region. This will increase Your image and the identity of Your Company. Your business will improve even with the most demanding customers.
Thanks to VENETO DREAM assistance the staff of Your Company will not be distracted and You Yourself will save a lot of time in planning the stay and the welcome of Your customers.


Our Company aims at making Your journey a unique and unforgettable experience.
Thanks to our exclusive relations and partnerships with selected, precious and refined realities we are in a position to offer you the possibility to enrich Your journey with unique experiences around our wonderful region full of unrepeatable opportunities.
Our aim is to rely on the exclusive Italian Style. We shall build up your travel starting from Your very wishes thus offering the most elegant and luxury experience in Veneto and realizing even the most demanding dream.


Thanks to our contacts and relations over Veneto we have the possibility introduce Your Company to the most important growing productive realities in our region.
Your business staff will have the opportunity to visit expanding companies discovering unexpected situations thanks to the great Italian Style.
Your profit margin will increase and Your business tour will be a sure success.


Your dream becomes true.
We organize the most important day in your life taking care of all details with taste and luxury.
The stage of your great day might be one of the most beautiful towns in the world - the amazing Venice, Verona, the heart of Romeo and Juliet, and also the splendid Treviso and Vicenza.
Your wedding party in a perfect middle age Castle, in a gorgeous Palladian Villa or in an ancient wonderful precious palace looking onto the Grand Canal in the middle of the most beautiful town in the world!


The events represent a significant instrument of communication for companies and institutions.
That is why VENETO DREAM takes a great care to their realization. VENETO DREAM aims at comparing different world brands joining new innovative dealers, new consumers and foreign delegations.